Use shared storage with Final Cut Pro X 10.3

Learn more about using shared storage in Final Cut Pro X 10.3.

With Final Cut Pro X 10.3, you can store libraries on shared storage systems that use the SMB protocol, as well as on other shared storage volumes.

Where to store Final Cut Pro X libraries and external media

Before storing assets for Final Cut Pro X, verify that all systems accessing libraries and external media meet Final Cut Pro X 10.3.x system requirements.

Xsan server and client systems must be running the same macOS version.

How to configure a Linux Network Attached Storage (NAS) system for Final Cut Pro X 10.3

A NAS system using SMB running on a Linux system for use with Final Cut Pro X 10.3 requires Samba 4.3.4 or later. Your network administrator must add the following line to the smb.conf.file:

vfs objects = catia fruit streams_xattr

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