ATLAS frequently asked questions

Learn about the Apple Technical Learning Administration System (ATLAS).

What is ATLAS?

ATLAS (Apple Technical Learning Administration System) is AppleCare Service Training's website for online training and other learning resources. Use ATLAS to prepare for the certifications required to service Apple products.

How do I access ATLAS?

To access ATLAS, you need to have an active Global Service Exchange (GSX) account or buy AppleCare Technician Training.

  • GSX accounts are limited to technicians working at Apple-authorized service facilities. If you just received a GSX account, allow 24 hours and then go to the ATLAS website.
  • Apple Authorized Resellers and the Apple Online Store sell AppleCare Technician Training in many parts of the world. Contact to register. After you register, allow 24 hours and then go to the ATLAS website.

Why don't I see any courses?

If you registered and don’t see courses in ATLAS, your registration is probably still being processed. Allow 24 hours from when you registered, and then try again.

How do I find the courses I need?

If you're studying for a particular certification exam, click the Courses menu in ATLAS and select Elective Courses. Click the appropriate subject area in the middle column for the certification track:

  • 2017 Service Fundamentals for the Apple Service Fundamentals Exam (SVC-17A)
  • ACMT 2017 for the ACMT 2017 Mac Service Certification Exam (MAC-17A)
  • ACiT 2017 for the ACiT 2017 iOS Service Certification Exam (iOS-17A)

You can also search for courses by product name. Use the search field at the top-right corner of the ATLAS screen.

Why am I not seeing any required courses?

You'll usually find ATLAS courses under Elective Courses. If you're told that there's a specific Required Course in ATLAS, you can search for that course individually.

How are the courses organized?

ATLAS courses are made up of chapters. The navigation column to the left of the course shows each chapter. Above the navigation column is a progress bar with vertical marks, which displays your progress toward course completion.

Each chapter has one or more pages. Chapters with more than one page have two or more gray dots at the bottom of each page.

Why can't I complete a course?

You need to complete course chapters in one session. If you leave a chapter before viewing all of its pages, you need to start the chapter again. Also, a chapter isn't complete until all of its exercises or quizzes are finished. When a course is complete, all vertical marks in the progress bar located above the navigation column are filled.

Why can't I complete a quiz?

Each course quiz notifies you when you're done. In most cases, you must answer all quiz questions correctly to complete the quiz. If you don't see a completion notice, check that all questions have been answered. If necessary, refresh the quiz page and retake the quiz.

Where can I send comments or questions about ATLAS courses?

Each course has a feedback link for reporting issues with the course's content. Send more general feedback or questions to

Published Date:Thu Jul 27 15:20:27 GMT 2017