Learn about simplified data entry in Numbers for iOS

Numbers for iOS 3.1 and later automatically formats data based on what you enter. Learn how to change the format and enter data with the keyboard.

In Numbers for iOS 3.1 and later, double-tap on a cell or tap  to start editing. When you start entering data, Numbers automatically recognizes what you put in a cell and formats it appropriately.  For example, if you enter in "$100", Numbers automatically formats the cell for currency. If you want to choose a different format for the cell, tap the cell you want to edit, then tap . Tap  if you want to change the format's settings.

When you edit a cell that is formatted as a number, currency, or percentage, Numbers automatically switches to a numeric keypad. If you want to use a numeric keypad and it doesn't automatically switch, tap 

If you're on an iPad1, you can use the formula keyboard to enter numbers and symbols quickly. If a keyboard isn't already visible, tap , or tap  to begin editing a formula. To quickly enter a number or symbol, drag downward on its key and then lift your finger. You can also enter a symbol by tapping the shortcut buttons above the keyboard. 

1This feature might not be available on all iPad models.

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