Using the iPod Hold switch to prolong battery life

Learn about iPod's Hold switch.

Click here to learn how to put iPod shuffle on hold. iPod has a Hold switch on the top near the headphones port. The iPod remote (not included with all models) also has a Hold switch. Use the Hold switch to keep iPod from accidentally turning on in your pocket or bag and draining the battery.

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Hold Switch on iPod

Set the Hold switch to Hold by sliding it toward the center of iPod.

When iPod is set to Hold, an orange bar is visible in the Hold switch and a small Lock icon appears in the upper-left corner of the display.

iPod mini hold switch on left side

If none of the buttons on iPod respond when you press them, check to make sure iPod's Hold switch is not set to Hold.

In order to save battery power, turn off iPod by pressing the Play/Pause button for a few seconds. Setting the Hold switch to Hold locks the buttons so they can't be accidentally pressed.

Hold Switch on iPod Remote

Set the Hold switch, located on the right side of the remote, to Hold by sliding it down. A red label appears, and the buttons on the remote no longer work. Slide the switch up to use the remote.

The Hold switch on iPod does not affect the buttons on the remote, and the Hold switch on the remote does not affect the buttons on iPod. Set both switches to Hold to lock all the buttons.

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