Refine the For You suggestions in Apple Music on Android

While you listen to songs in the Apple Music app, tell us more about your favorite music to get better suggestions from our experts in the For You tab.

When you join Apple Music, we ask you to choose genres of music and artists that you like. We use these choices to to give you music suggestions from our experts who know and love music, in the For You section of Apple Music on your Android phone. You can help us refine your suggestions even more.

Choose more of your favorites

When you listen to songs and albums that you like, let us know. We'll use this information to give you better suggestions. When you find an album or song that you like, tap once on the heart. (If you tap the heart on accident, just tap it again to clear it.)

Change your selections

If you accidentally tell us you liked a song or album when you don't, you can change your mind.

  1. Find the song or album that you want to update.
  2. Tap the heart icon to change it to the status that you want.

Tell us what you don't like

If you see a suggestion in the For You tab that you don't like, you can let us know.

  1. Press and hold the item that you don't like.
  2. In the menu that appears, tap I Don't Like This Suggestion.

Update your choices

At any time, you can change the genres and artists that you chose when you first joined Apple Music.

  1. Open Apple Music on your Android device.
  2. Tap the menu icon   in the upper-left corner. 
  3. Tap your name at the top of the menu to get to your account settings.
  4. Tap Choose Artists For You.
  5. If you want to reset your choices completely, tap Reset.
    If you want to change or add to the choices you made when you joined, edit your genres:
    • Tap once on the genres you like.
    • Tap twice on the the genres that you love.
    • Press and hold the genres that you don't like to remove them.
  6. In the upper-right corner of the screen, tap Next.
  7. Then edit your artists:
    • Tap once on the artists you like.
    • Tap twice on the the artists that you love.
    • Press and hold the artists that you don't like to remove them.
      If you don't see artists that you like, tap More Artists. More options appear.
  8. When you're done making changes, tap Done.

If you have an Apple device

You can also refine the For You suggestions in Apple Music on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or PC.

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