Check your Apple ID device list to see where you‘re signed in

Learn which devices appear in your Apple ID device list, how to see your device's details, and how to remove a device, if necessary.

From the Devices section of your Apple ID account page, you can see the devices that you're currently signed in to with your Apple ID. 

Check your device list to see where you're signed in

  1. Sign in to your Apple ID account page, then scroll to Devices.
  2. If you don’t see your devices right away, click View Details and answer your security questions.
  3. Click any device name to view that device's information, such as the device model, serial number, and OS version. The information may vary depending on the device type.

Add a device to the list

After you sign in on a device with your Apple ID, that device appears in the list. Here's where you need to sign in:

  • For iOS 9 and later, sign in to iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, the iTunes and App Store, or Game Center on the device. You can also see your paired Apple Watch.
  • For iOS 8 sign in to iCloud or the iTunes and App Store on the device. You can also see your paired Apple Watch.
  • For OS X Yosemite and later or Windows 10 and later, sign in to iCloud on the device. 
  • For tvOS 7 and later, sign in to the iTunes and App Store on the device.
  • If any of your devices are using earlier versions of iOS, OS X, or tvOS, you won’t see them in your device list.

Remove a device from the list

If your device is missing, you can use Find My iPhone to find your device and take additional actions that can help you recover it and keep your data safe.

If you aren't using your device anymore, or if you don't recognize it, you might want to remove it from the list:

  1. Click the device to see its details, then click Remove.
  2. Review the message that appears, then click again to confirm that you want to remove the device.
  3. If you're still signed in with your Apple ID on the device, it might reappear on your account page the next time your device connects to the Internet. To permanently remove the device from your account page, sign out of iCloud, iTunes, iMessage, FaceTime, and Game Center, or erase the device.

If you set up two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, removing a device will ensure that it can no longer display verification codes and won't have access to iCloud and other Apple services, including Find My iPhone, until you sign in again with two-factor authentication. The device won't reappear in the list unless you sign in again with two-factor authentication.

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