MobileMe: .Mac Groups FAQ

What was .Mac Groups?
.Mac Groups was a legacy feature of .Mac that allows users to set up a group page, email address, and iDisk space for clubs, teams, and other groups of people.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

When was .Mac Groups discontinued?

.Mac Groups was discontinued on July 7, 2009. After this date, users no longer have access to group email addresses, web pages, message boards, or any other features of .Mac Groups.

How do I access my group’s photos or files after July 7, 2009?

Any files uploaded to your group, such as photos and documents, will be moved from your “Groups” folder to a new folder titled “Groups Archive,” where you can download them whenever you like for as long as you remain a MobileMe member.  The Groups Archive folder is only available to the owner of the group.  If you were not the owner of a Group, but need one of the files that was previously in the Groups folder, contact the owner of the group. 

Can I delete the Groups Archive folder if I no longer need it?
Yes, the Group Archive or any if it's contents can be deleted if you no longer need them. 

How do I reclaim storage space that had been set aside for my group?
Any storage space reserved for your group(s) has been re-allocated to your iDisk.  If you want to adjust your storage settings for your account, follow the steps at the MobileMe Account Help page.

How should I share photos and files?

For sharing photos, MobileMe Gallery is recommended. It provides an elegant website for viewing photos online and allows your visitors to download print-quality versions of your photos or contribute their own. For sharing documents, iDisk file sharing and Public folder are recommended.

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