iPhoto for Mac: Troubleshooting ordering prints and projects from Apple

Use these steps to troubleshoot Print Services issues.

Pre-upload: Basic troubleshooting

Can you access www.apple.com?

No, I can't connect to www.apple.com.

Contact your ISP to troubleshoot Internet connectivity issues.

Yes, I can connect.

Are you using iPhoto 7.1.5 or earlier?

Yes, I'm using iPhoto 7.1.5 or earlier.

Apple no longer supports ordering print products using 7.1.5 or earlier. Go to the Mac App Store to upgrade to iPhoto '09 or later.

No, I'm not using iPhoto 7.1.5 or earlier.

Do you have an Apple ID?

No, I don't have an Apple ID.

You need an Apple ID to purchase print products through iPhoto. You can create an Apple ID using iPhoto or by visiting https://appleid.apple.com/.

Yes, I have an Apple ID.

Is Express Checkout enabled?

No, Express Checkout isn't enabled.

You need Express Checkout enabled to purchase print products through iPhoto.

  1. Go to the Apple Online Store.
  2. Click the Account menu and choose View Account.
  3. Under Account Settings, click Update Express Checkout Settings.
  4. Sign in if required.
  5. Turn on Enable Express Checkout.

Yes, Express Checkout is enabled.

Continue with the steps in the next section.

Pre-upload: iPhoto app or account-based troubleshooting

Are you ordering a book?

Yes, I'm ordering a book.

Do you receive the warning message "Your book seems to have frames on one or more pages that do not contain photos. You must either change the layout of those pages or place the photos in those frames before you can buy this book"?

Yes, I see that warning message.

If you selected the photo background option for a page but haven't added a photo to the background, you'll get a warning stating that you have a photo frame that’s missing a photo. You can either add a photo to the background of that page or change the page layout to a standard white or colored background.

No, I don't see that warning message.

Go to "No, I am ordering a different product," below.

No, I am ordering a different product.

Do you see the warning message "Your account information has changed. Please review your billing information and approve it"?

Yes, I see that warning message.

Go to the billing page in the Account panel and re-enter your security code and billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. Click Save. Does this solve the issue?

Note: US customers only: When re-entering your billing address, you may need to use a 5-digit zip code rather than the Zip+4 format.

Yes, that solves my issue.

This issue sometimes occurs when you place an order in iPhoto and then go to the iTunes or Apple Store and change your billing address or credit card information.

No, changing my billing information didn't solve my issue.

iPhoto '09: Update your keychain.

iPhoto '11 and later: Remove cookies in Safari.  Note: This may affect cookies in other applications as well.

No, I don't see that warning message.

Do you receive the message "An unexpected error has occurred. Please try again later"?

Yes, I see that message.

Try re-entering your credit card information and billing address on the Apple Online Store exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.

  1. Go to the Apple Online Store.
  2. From the Account menu, click View Account.
  3. Click "Change your default shipping or billing info" under Account Settings.
  4. If asked, sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  5. Click Edit next to Payment Information.
  6. Re-enter all of your information exactly as it appears on your credit card statement, and click Save.

No, I don't see that message.

Continue to During upload: Transmission-based troubleshooting.

During upload: Transmission-based troubleshooting

Did iPhoto successfully upload your files to the Apple servers and give you an order number?

No, I didn't get an order number.

  1. Make sure you are using iPhoto '09 or later. Earlier versions of iPhoto can no longer order print products.
  2. If any firewall or network security software is enabled, make sure iPhoto is allowed access to ports 80 and 443, or try temporarily disabling the software.
  3. Certain third-party Anti-virus and system cleanup apps, such as MacKeeper, can interfere with iPhoto ordering. Make sure these apps are disabled.
  4. Make sure you have sufficient bandwidth to complete the order. iPhoto requires approximately 1.5 Mb/s to avoid timing out during the order process. Many free websites are available to test your bandwidth speed.
  5. iPhoto ’09 only: If none of these steps solves the issue, you may need to reset your NetServices keychain item. Instructions are available at the end of iPhoto: Difficulty submitting a book, card, or calendar order.

Apple ID troubleshooting steps

  1. Visit https://appleid.apple.com/ and choose your country and preferred language. Log in using your Apple ID and password.
  2. Click Address Book on the left. If you see any blank addresses under Shipping Addresses, make the visible address your default and then delete the blank addresses.
  3. Click Phone Numbers on the left. Delete all phone numbers and save your changes. When you successfully place an iPhoto order, your phone number will be copied from iPhoto to My Apple ID.
  4. Click Apple ID, email, Subscriptions, and Contact Prefs and make any corrections. Save your changes.
  5. Open iPhoto.
  6. Select a photo and choose Order Prints from the Share menu.
  7. Click Account Info and sign in using your Apple ID and password. If you are unable to log in, try changing your password using the directions from step 1, above. Return to step 6 and try again.
  8. Click Edit Shipping and choose Add New Address from the menu.
  9. Add the desired address, making sure to create a new label (such as Home). Select "Make this my default address" and click OK.
  10. Delete any other addresses listed by selecting them and clicking Delete This Address. You should now have only your default Home address left.

For more information about Print Services, including the cost and how to cancel, see the Apple Print Products help page.

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