AirPort base stations: About the Guest network feature

Learn about the AirPort base station Guest network feature.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

It’s easy to allow guests to use your Internet connection without sharing your password or giving them access to the rest of your network. Simply enable the guest networking feature using AirPort Utility and create a separate Wi-Fi network just for your guests. You can set up the guest network with a different password or with none at all. Your primary network, including your printer, attached drives, or other devices remains secure.


  • You can secure the Guest network with its own password (WPA or WPA2) if you wish.
  • When setting up a Guest network, it is a good idea to use a name that easily distinguishes it from your primary Wi-Fi network.
  • If you have more than one AirPort base stations, one must be configured as the primary base station.
  • The DHCP and NAT option in AirPort Utility application > Network tab > Router Mode (default mode) must be selected on your primary base station, and Off (Bridge Mode) should be selected for any other AirPort base stations on the network. 
  • If enabled, Access Control lists will apply to both the primary Wi-Fi network and the Guest network. If you use Access Control Lists, you will need to add your guest network clients to the list in order for them to join.
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