Work out with your Apple Watch

The Workout app gives you progress updates during your workout and it lets you know when you reach your goal.


Start a workout

You can use these steps to start a workout or ask Siri. For example, say "Hey Siri, start a 30-minute indoor run."

  1. Open the Workout app.
  2. Scroll to see your options, then tap a workout or tap Other. Choose the one that best matches what you’re doing.
  3. Swipe left or right to set a calorie, distance, or time goal. To skip setting a goal, choose Open. 
    • To change between miles or kilometers, firmly press the distance goal screen.
    • To change between calories and kilojoules, firmly press the calorie goal screen. 
    • To change between yards and meters while swimming,1 firmly press the distance goal screen or the pool length screen.
  4. Tap Start, then wait for the three-second countdown. To skip the countdown, tap the screen.


Check your progress

During your workout, raise your wrist to check your progress. Turn the Digital Crown to highlight the metric that's most important to you. 

When you run or walk, your Apple Watch taps you every mile or kilometer, and it shows you an update on the screen. If you're cycling, your Apple Watch taps you every five miles or kilometers instead.

Mark segments in your workout

If you want to mark a segment in your workout, double-tap the screen, then wait for the segment summary to appear on the screen. For example, in an Outdoor Run workout on a track, you could mark each lap or distance. In a 30-minute Indoor Cycle workout, you could split the session into three 10-minute segments.

To see all your segments after a workout:

  1. Open the Activity app on your iPhone.  
  2. Tap the Workouts tab.  
  3. Tap the workout, then scroll down. 

Because your screen locks during swimming workouts, you can't mark segments. 

Change the metrics

Choose which measurements you want to view while you work out:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. 
  2. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap Workout > Workout View. 
  3. Tap Multiple Metric or Single Metric. 
  4. If you choose Multiple Metric, you can choose up to five metrics for each workout. Tap a type of workout, then tap Edit. Add or delete metrics, or touch and hold drag and drop icon to change the order. 
  5. If you choose Single Metric, you can turn the Digital Crown to scroll through all the metrics during a workout.

You can also switch between miles or kilometers for cycling, walking, running, or wheelchair workouts. And you can choose between yards and meters for swimming workouts. Open the Health app on your iPhone and tap the Health Data tab. Then tap Activity, choose a workout, and tap unit. After you choose, the Health, Activity, and Workout apps will all use that setting.


End, pause, auto-pause, or lock a workout

To pause a workout, press both the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time. To resume, press both buttons again. Or swipe right to see the options to End, Pause, or Lock your screen. To unlock the screen, turn the Digital Crown. Learn how to pause or end a swimming workout.

You can also set indoor and outdoor running workouts to automatically pause when you stop moving. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap the My Watch tab, then tap Workout > Running Auto Pause. 

Name your workout

The workouts that you do most often appear as Quick Start options, and you can name Other workouts:

  1. Start a workout and choose Other.
  2. When you’re done, swipe right, then tap End.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of your workout summary, then tap Name Workout.
  4. Tap the type of workout, then tap Save.

Save power while you work out

To preserve your battery life on long walks and runs, you can turn off the heart rate sensor. Your Apple Watch will still calculate active calories, distance, pace, and elapsed time.

To turn on Power Saving Mode:  

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then tap the My Watch tab.
  2. Tap Workout > Power Saving Mode. 


With Apple Watch Series 2,1 there are two swimming workouts: Pool Swim and Open Water Swim. For Pool Swim, be sure to accurately set the pool length to help your Apple Watch measure laps and distance. When the workout starts, the screen automatically locks to prevent accidental taps. To unlock the screen, pause your workout by pressing the side button and Digital Crown at the same time, then turn the Digital Crown. To resume, press both buttons again. 

To end your workout:

  1. Press the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time to pause your workout.
  2. Dry your screen. If the screen's wet, the water might cause accidental taps.
  3. Turn the Digital Crown to unlock the screen and clear any water from your Apple Watch. Your watch makes a sound, and you might feel water on your wrist.
  4. Swipe right and tap End.

When in a Pool Swim or Open Water Swim in the Workout app, water may prevent a heart rate measurement, but Apple Watch will still track your calories using the built-in accelerometer. Learn more about the accuracy and limitations of the heart rate sensor. During an Open Water Swim where you use a freestyle stroke, your Apple Watch will also use GPS to measure pace and distance. 


Use wheelchair workouts

If you're a manual wheelchair user, there are two wheelchair-specific workouts for outdoor pushing that measure time, pace, distance, calories, and heart rate: Outdoor Wheelchair Walk Pace and Outdoor Wheelchair Run Pace. Be sure to bring your iPhone along for GPS to track pace and distance and to improve calorie credit. Apple Watch Series 2 has built-in GPS, so you don’t need to bring your paired iPhone along.

Choosing Outdoor Wheelchair Walk Pace for workouts done at or about a walking speed and Outdoor Wheelchair Run Pace for workouts done at or about a running speed will help you keep track of your workout types in the Activity app. You should pick the one that best describes your activity, but you don’t have to maintain a steady pace and you can mix speeds in either one. 

To measure time, calories, and heart rate for workouts like hand cycling and wheelchair basketball, use the Other workout type. All of these workouts also track pushes in the Activity app.

If you don't see these options, you might need to update your information:

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the My Watch tab, then tap Health.
  3. Tap Edit, then tap Wheelchair and choose Yes. 
  4. Tap Done. 

Check your workout history

To see your complete Activity history, your workouts, and your achievements, open the Activity app on your iPhone. Workout also shares information with Activity on your Apple Watch, so that your workouts count towards your activity goals.

All of your data will also be stored automatically in the Health app, where it can be used by third-party apps with your permission.

Get the best measurement

Your Apple Watch will estimate your measurements during workouts based on the information that you entered during setup, but you can also further improve its accuracy using these tips:

  1. Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch (1st generation) aren't suitable for swimming. Learn about water resistance on your Apple Watch
  2. For GPS accuracy, you can also calibrate your Apple Watch.

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