iPod shuffle: Checking the battery charge

When you turn iPod shuffle on, the status light tells you approximately how much charge is in the battery. See the sections below for information on specific models of iPod shuffle.

If iPod shuffle is already on, you can check the battery status without interrupting playback by quickly switching iPod shuffle off and on again and then observing the color of the status light. iPod shuffle (3rd generation) also provides VoiceOver feedback, and you will hear an audible battery status stated when you quickly switch the unit off and on.

iPod shuffle (3rd generation)

iPod shuffle (3rd generation) has one status light on the top near the earphone port (1). This status light along with VoiceOver feedback will allow you to check the status of the battery charge.

Charging Indicators when connected to USB
  Status Light iTunes Icon Status Light with Disk Use enabled
Charging   A solid orange status light indicates the unit is currently charging           Blinking orange indicates that the unit is syncing with iTunes or that disk use was enabled in iTunes. In this state, iPod shuffle may be charging or fully charged. Check the charge status icon next to the iPod shuffle in iTunes or eject iPod shuffle from iTunes but leave it connected to USB and determine if the status light changes to solid green or solid orange.
Charged   A solid green status light indicates the unit is fully charged  

If iPod shuffle shows no status light when connected to your computer or USB power adapter, the USB port may not be providing any power. Make sure your computer is on and that the USB cable is connected properly.

Charging Indicators when listening to iPod shuffle

Status Light Charge Level Audible Notification1
  Green 76% - 100% “Battery Full”
51% - 75% “Battery 75%”
26% - 50% “Battery 50%”
  Orange 11% - 25% “Battery 25%”
  Red 1%-10% “Battery Low”
        Blinking Red <1% Tri-Tone
None2 0% None



  1. When iPod shuffle is not connected to USB and the unit is quickly switched off and then on again, iPod shuffle will provide VoiceOver feedback announcing the approximate battery charge level through the connected earphones. While listening to music, iPod shuffle will also play an announcement when it has reached approximately 10% charge. A 3-tone chime will play when the charge level is very low, just before iPod shuffle shuts down.
  2. If iPod shuffle shows no status lights when turned on, it needs to be charged using the included USB cable connected to a computer or USB power adapter.

iPod shuffle (2nd generation)

iPod shuffle (2nd generation) has two status lights, one on the top, and one on the bottom, that let you know when you've pressed a button, the state of the battery, that iPod shuffle is enabled as a disk, or if there's something wrong.

For best results, charge the battery fully the first time you use iPod shuffle. A depleted battery can be 80-percent charged in about two hours and fully charged in about four hours. If iPod shuffle isn’t used for a while, the battery might need to be recharged.

Here's what the battery status light means when you turn on or disconnect an iPod shuffle (2nd generation):

  • Green = good charge (30% - 100%)
  • Orange = low charge (10% - 30%)
  • Red = very low charge <10%)
  • No light = no charge
  • alternating green and two orange for 10 seconds = ERROR: iPod shuffle must be restored

You can find more information at iPod shuffle (2nd generation): Understanding status light behavior

iPod shuffle (1st generation)

You can check how much battery life remains in your iPod shuffle by pressing the button on the back and noting the color of the LED.

Here's what the battery indicator colors mean when you press the button:

  • Green = good charge
  • Orange = low charge (also indicates "charging" when connected to USB)
  • Red = very low charge
  • No light = no charge

You can find more information at Understanding iPod shuffle's status lights

Tip: When charging iPod shuffle, make sure the computer is not in sleep mode. If you want to check battery status while it is charging, eject iPod shuffle from iTunes before checking. Sleep mode on some computers can turn off USB signals and prevent battery status from working.

The iPod shuffle battery is 80-percent charged in about two hours, and fully charged in about four hours. If iPod shuffle is being used as a disk, the status light blinks amber continuously.

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