What‘s new in iAd Workbench?

Learn about features available in current releases of iAd Workbench.

October 2014 update

iAd Workbench includes new advertising options that let you reach more Apple users. 

Geo Expansion

  • You can now run campaigns to reach iOS users in 70 additional countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Australia. This expands the iAd Workbench global reach to 95 countries on the iAd App Network. For details on supported countries and languages, see the iAd support page.

Interstitial and Medium Rectangle (MREC) Ads 

  • You can now create interstitial and MREC ads in iAd Workbench in addition to banner, video, and audio ads.  
  • Interstitial and MREC ads are available for campaigns running in the iAd App Network on iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. These will be delivered only to users who have iOS 8.1 or later installed on their devices.
  • An interstitial ad fills the entire screen on an iOS device and includes a destination. An MREC ad is a medium-sized rectangle that occupies a portion of the screen on an iOS device, and also includes a destination. The destination for interstitial and MREC ads can be a video, a website, or an iTunes Store or App Store product page.  
  • Updated iAd Workbench Creative Specifications, including interstitial and MREC specifications, are available for download.

My Audiences

  • With My Audiences, you can reach your existing iOS app customers, delivering tailored retargeting campaigns that drive engagement and loyalty. iOS developers can create custom segments by enabling the iOS 8 Segmentation API in their apps. Once enabled, segments are automatically populated in iAd Workbench based on user activity within an app, and can be used for retargeting campaigns. See the Getting Started guide for more details.
  • In addition to custom segments, app downloader segments are also available in iAd Workbench for retargeting campaigns. App downloader segments are generated automatically by iAd, enabling iOS developers to target all customers who downloaded their app(s). 
  • Only iOS Developers have access to My Audiences. Support for agencies and other users will be provided by the end of the year.

Previous iAd Workbench updates


September 2014 update

iAd Workbench also offers the following new capabilities that let you reach more Apple users, and manage your ad campaigns more effectively.

Geo Expansion

  • You can now run campaigns to reach iOS users in nine additional countries; Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, and Sweden, expanding the iAd Workbench global reach to 25 countries.  Five additional languages are now supported;  Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian, and Polish. 

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus 

  • All existing campaigns targeting iPhones will now include iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, together with iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, and 5s, and iPod touch 4th and 5th generation and earlier.  Existing ads will run in letterboxes to accommodate the longer widths, until you upload iPhone 6 and 6 Plus assets. Ads created using banner templates will auto-convert to support all iPhone devices including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • iPhone 6 and 6 Plus assets are required for any new or edited campaigns targeting iPhone users. You can now bulk-upload assets for all iOS devices.
  • Updated iAd Workbench Creative Specifications, including specifications for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as audio ads, are available for download.
  • An update to iAd Tester v5.0 is now available, and must be used to preview ads correctly on iOS devices.

iAd Workbench API 

  • Campaign and line creation capabilities have been added to the iAd Workbench API, enabling volume buyers to efficiently create, manage, and optimize campaigns.
  • The iAd Workbench API can be used to create custom banner or template banner ads with iTunes or website  destinations. 
  • Users with Administrator access can request API access and download user certificates, keys, and tokens in the Account Management section of iAd Workbench.

August 2014 Update

iAd Workbench has a new, updated user interface providing more flexibility in viewing and interacting with your content, including a new Dashboard design.  

The Dashboard now displays campaign-level data in a convenient new format, making it easy to view your campaign information at a glance. You can click the product or app icon, or the campaign name, to review and edit campaign settings. To view more detailed campaign data, click any of the metrics displayed.

July 2014 update

iAd Workbench includes new advertising options that let you reach more Apple users and manage your ad campaigns more effectively.

Geo Expansion

  • You can create campaigns to run on the iAd App Network in Russia and Switzerland, expanding the iAd Workbench global reach to 16 countries. Russian language is supported for banner templates and calls to action in banners ads with video destinations.

iTunes Radio (Australia only)

  • You can create campaigns to run on iTunes Radio in Australia. The minimum bid for iTunes Radio campaigns is $5.00 USD.
  • iTunes Radio ads require uploading an audio file and slate image, and offer a choice of iTunes product page or website destinations. Supported devices include iPhone/iPod touch, iPad, and desktop.

Enhanced Analytics

  • Conversions and content views are now reported in campaign analytics. Note: To have these metrics reported, conversion and/or content view tags must be set in expanded ads uploaded from iAd Producer unless you use iAd Blueprints with preset tags.
  • Conversion rate percentage is now included as a base metric, and equals total conversions divided by total taps.
  • Destination metrics reported in campaign analytics include visits, content views, and content views per visit. Content views per visit equals total content views divided by total visits. 
  • Base and destination performance metrics are reported for each device type.
  • Other user enhancements to analytics include a Summary tab at the line and ad levels that shows overall performance to date, and auto-scrolling for column groupings of base and destination metrics. 

Payment Types

  • Prepaid and gift cards are no longer accepted as a form of payment on iAd Workbench. The following debit or credit cards are accepted:  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover.

June 2014 update

iAd Workbench offers a wider range of advertising options, along with streamlined billing for line of credit customers.

Rich Media Ads

  • You can choose ads uploaded from iAd Producer—with any combination of features and calls to action—to use in your iAd Workbench campaigns.  
  • iAd Producer makes it easy for you to design and assemble high-impact, interactive content for iAd. For more information about creating rich media ads with iAd Producer, visit http://advertising.apple.com.
  • You can select any project that’s been uploaded from iAd Producer to your iAd Workbench account. Only standard banner formats are currently supported.
  • If you use iAd Blueprints to create ads in iAd Producer, analytic tags are automatically included. You need to tag custom ads manually before uploading for iAd Workbench to be able to track ad performance.

Banner Ads with Video

  • Banner ads with video destinations can now include an optional call to action to drive users to your mobile web page or iTunes product page.  
  • iAd Workbench automatically detects if the call to action links to a webpage or iTunes product page and offers a selection of calls to action or iTunes badges.
  • A tappable button displaying the call-to-action message appears below the video player. The message is localized based on the language and country preferences on the user’s device.

Line of Credit Billing

  • If you have a line of credit, you now need to enter at least one billing email address before you submit a campaign. Do this in a new section called Invoicing on the Campaign Summary page.
  • Line of credit users can add reference numbers to campaigns and have all campaigns with the same reference number grouped into a single invoice. You can now enter reference numbers in the new Invoicing section on the Campaign Summary page.

April 2014 update

You can now use iAd Workbench to promote iOS apps or any product or service, including other iTunes Store content. Here’s a summary of new features.

/ New User

  • Now anyone can promote an app or product using iAd Workbench. New users can create an iAd Workbench account for their organization, or be invited to join an existing iAd Workbench account.
  • When an administrator invites a new user to join an existing iAd Workbench account, an email invitation is sent to the user, with a link and activation code that provides access to iAd Workbench.

Campaign Creation

  • You can create campaigns to promote an iOS app or any other product, including iTunes Store content. For product campaigns, add a new product by entering its name and choosing a category (and adding an optional product logo). For app campaigns, enter the app’s App Store link.
  • You can choose either CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per thousand) bidding for your campaigns.
  • New targeting parameters include Scheduling, which allows you to select when the ad will run (by time of day and/or days of the week), and a Frequency Cap (for CPM campaigns), which allows you to limit the number of times an ad will be shown to the same person in a given day.
  • To create an ad for a product campaign, you simply upload banners for each device type and resolution. Once approved, these banners will also be available for reuse for future campaigns.
  • Three ad destination types are available: Video, Website, or iTunes Store. A given ad can only have one of these destination types. For video destinations, you upload the required video files for each device type and resolution, which are also stored for reuse once they’ve been approved. For web and iTunes Store destinations, you simply enter the web page URL or iTunes Store link.
  • Ads with a website destination will be delivered as a link out to mobile Safari.

Campaign Management and Delivery

  • The Dashboard provides a summary of your CPC and/or CPM campaigns’ performance, including Spend, Impressions, Taps, and Conversions.
  • In addition to metrics on Spend, Impressions, Taps, TTR%, Conversions, and Average CPC or CPA, Average CPM is also reported.
  • For app download campaigns, your ad will only be shown to users who have not downloaded your app previously to their device.
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