If you need help with your Wi‑Fi password

Learn how to tell if a network requires a password. You can also learn what to do if you don’t know or can’t remember your Wi‑Fi network password.

How can I tell if a network requires a password?

A password-protected Wi‑Fi network has a lock icon lock icon next to its name.

In iOS:

join wi-fi on iPhone

On Mac:

Join wi-fi secure on Mac

What if I don’t know my Wi‑Fi password?

If your cable or Internet provider set up your Wi‑Fi router:

  • Look for a label on the side or bottom of the router—it might list the default password.
         Network Name (SSID): XXXXX
         Network Key (Password): XXXXXXXXXX
  • If your provider gave you a setup sheet, look it over for your network information and password.
  • Contact your cable or Internet provider for help recovering or resetting your Wi‑Fi password.

If you own your Wi‑Fi router:

  • If someone else set up your network, ask that person for help.
  • If you never created a personal password, check the brand of your Wi‑Fi router and go to their website to find the default password.
  • To reset the password, either call the router manufacturer or check their website or user guide.

If you’re using a public Wi‑Fi network at a library, hotel, business, or other shared space:

What if I know my password, but the network won’t accept it?

In iOS: Tap Settings > Wi‑Fi > info icon > Forget this network. Then try to rejoin.

Wi-Fi options on iPhone

On your Mac: Go to System Preferences and click Network > Advanced. Highlight your Wi‑Fi network by clicking on it. Click the minus icon and then choose Remove. Try to rejoin your Wi‑Fi network.

Advanced Wi‑Fi options on Mac


If the network still won’t accept your password, make sure:

Published Date:Mon Apr 24 17:35:11 GMT 2017