iAd Producer 4.0.1: Troubleshooting embedded video in iBooks Author widgets

If an iBooks Author widget contains embedded video, the operation may return an alert similar to the one below when submitting your book to the iBooks Store:

 "ERROR ITMS-9000: "MyBook.ibooks: Book contains unsupported video MyBook.ibooks:/OPS/assets/widgets/mywidget.wdgt/assets/MyVideo.mp4.  Detected ftyp mp42" at Book (MZItmspBookPackage)"


This can occur due to an unsupported video file type. Follow these steps to reencode your video file in a format that is supported by the iBooks Store.

  1. Select the video asset in the Asset Library. Choose "Export" from the gear menu at the bottom of the asset library.
  2. Select the exported file in the Finder.
  3. From the Finder menu, choose Services > Encode Selected Video Files.
  4. When the Encode Media dialog appears, choose “720p” or "480p" (depending on source video aspect ratio) and “Higher quality."  Leave the "Same as source file" checkbox checked.
  5. Click Continue in the “Encode Media” dialog (note: progress indicated by spinning gear icon in menu bar).
  6. Move the video file you exported from iAd Producer into another folder as a backup. Change the extension of the converted video file from “.m4v” to “.mp4”.
  7. Import the converted video file into the iAd Producer project.  Click Replace when prompted.
  8. Export your iBooks Author widget again and replace the widget in the iBooks Author project.
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