Can‘t sync textbook and ePub annotations or bookmarks between iOS devices

If you can't sync bookmarks between different iOS devices using iBooks, you might have mismatched versions of your books or the app.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

The iBooks bookmark and annotation sharing feature is only supported with purchases made in the iBooks Store. If you're experiencing one of the situations below, you might need to update iBooks or your books:

  • You can't sync textbook or ePub annotations or bookmarks between iOS devices.
  • Annotations or bookmarks modified in the iBooks app or iTunes U can't be seen with older versions of the iBooks app.
  • Textbooks do not share bookmarks and annotations between different versions of the same book.

Bookmarks and annotations are never deleted or lost, but aren't shared or synced between iOS devices when there's a mismatched version of the iBooks app or book version.

Check your versions

  • Make sure that all of your iOS devices are using the latest version of iBooks.
  • Make sure that all of your textbooks are updated to the same version of the book across all iOS devices. Learn more about iBooks book updates.
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