Login and directory binding delays on systems joined to an Active Directory domain ending in ".local"

Delays may occur when joining to or authenticating users against an Active Directory domain that ends in ".local".

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For OS X Mountain Lion, please see this article.

For OS X Lion, update to OS X Lion v10.7.3 or later.

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For Mac OS X v10.6.8, this behavior can be mitigated by creating forward (AAAA) and reverse (PTR) IPv6 records on each DNS nameserver for all Active Directory domain controllers.  An IPv6 reverse zone will need to be created to hold the PTR records.

Specific instructions for creating these records will vary depending on your DNS server. For example, see the following Microsoft support articles if you are using a Microsoft Windows 2008 DNS server:

Self-selected unique-local IPv6 addresses may be employed if an IPv6 address space has not been established. The IETF has designed the FD00::/8 address space for this purpose. Addresses in this space are not globally routable and are suitable for internal networks.

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