Aperture 3: Some DNG images display as unsupported

Digital negative (DNG) images from some cameras may be displayed as unsupported when imported into Aperture. This may include images from some cameras whose RAW format is directly supported in Aperture.

In general, Aperture does not support Linearized DNG images, as explained in Aperture 2 and 3: Tips on Baseline DNG support. The Adobe DNG Converter will sometimes create a linearized DNG image, even when you do not select the Convert to Linear Image option. 

Adobe DNG Converter creates linearized DNG images from the following:

  • sRAW images
  • mRAW images
  • RAW images shot on Leica, Panasonic, and Olympus cameras that use the Micro Four Thirds standard
  • RAW images that include barrel distortion correction

In many cases, Aperture directly supports the RAW format of the affected cameras; in these cases, you do not need to convert the image to DNG.


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