If SMS messages from your iPhone show up incorrectly on other devices

If you send an SMS message from your iPhone to another device, the text might show up incorrectly. Learn what to do.

If you send messages to someone who uses a different carrier, you might see these issues:

  • Long SMS messages split into multiple parts or appear out of order.
  • Received SMS messages have additional or unexpected characters.
  • SMS messages display upside-down question marks.

If your SMS messages show up incorrectly, here are some things you can try:

  • Send someone an SMS message with standard text. For example, send the word "Test" to a friend to make sure you can send and receive messages with standard text.
  • Limit the use of special characters, such as letters with accents, emoji, or symbols.
  • Make sure that your carrier supports the length of the SMS messages that you're trying to send. You can turn on the character count for SMS messages in Settings > Messages > Character Count. 

If you want to send SMS messages to an international number, make sure that your carrier supports that country and carrier.


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