Aperture 3: Some adjustments are not available on certain images

The Curves and Chromatic Aberration adjustments are dimmed in the Adjustments menu with some RAW images. The Quick Brush menu items are also dimmed, and the individual adjustment brush menu options are missing for these images. 

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

This happens with images you originally imported into an earlier version of Aperture. Aperture 3 does not change the RAW processing for existing images in order to preserve their appearance. To access all the brushes and adjustments, select the affected images and choose Photos > Reprocess Masters.

If you want to reprocess all the photos in your library:

  1. Click the Library tab in the Inspector.
  2. Click the disclosure triangle to the left of LIBRARY
  3. Highlight the Photos icon.
  4. Choose Photos > Reprocess Masters.
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