iTunes for Windows: Optical drive is no longer recognized, or "Disc burner or software not found" alert after install

After installing iTunes for Windows, you may experience some of the following symptoms.

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  • Your computer's optical drive may no longer be recognized
  • The optical drive may not appear in My Computer, but may appear in Device Manager with a yellow "!" (exclamation mark) beside the optical drive
  • The following dialog may appear when attempting to use the optical drive "This device cannot start: code 10, device type DVD/CD ROM Drive"
  • You receive the alert message "Disc burner or software not found"

Solution 1

Check with your manufacturer to see if there are updated software drivers for your optical drive. For more information about updating the firmware of your CD or DVD drive, see article HT3206.

Solution 2

  1. Launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to C:\Windows\system32\drivers\.
  3. Check to see if either of the following two files are present. These files from a third-party software vendor are not supported by Windows and can cause driver conflicts with optical drives:
    • afs.sys
    • afs2k.sys
  4. If either of the files in Step 3 are present, move them out of the system32 folder. You should keep these files stored somewhere on your hard drive, as some of your older peripherals may require them. If you need the files in the future to use a device, you may move them back into the system32 folder temporarily.
  5. Reboot Windows.

Solution 3

  1. Quit iTunes.
  2. Manually remove the GEAR driver software using the steps found here under the section "Removing GEAR Drivers."
  3. Remove any stand alone GEAR software installers from the Programs and Features control panel, if present.
  4. Install the updated GEAR driver.

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