Logic: Dense clusters of automation nodes can cause audio to stutter

In areas of a project with very dense clusters of automation nodes, audio playback sometimes stutters.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

The new timing engine in Logic Express/Logic Pro 8 and later allows automation nodes to be placed much closer together than in past versions. In some cases, placing clusters of nodes too closely together will place a heavy load on the CPU, resulting in audio drop outs or stuttering. There is usually no audible advantage to placing automation nodes closer together than 1/96 note.

When you write automation by moving a fader in Logic's mixer, or from a control surface, nodes will automatically be spaced far enough apart to avoid stuttering. When you use the pencil tool to create nodes, they are limited to a spacing of at least 1/96 note. It is only possible to space nodes more closely together by clicking in the automation lane with the arrow tool at very high horizontal zoom settings.

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