Nike + iPod: Receiver not recognized by iPod nano

When you connect the Nike + iPod Receiver to the iPod nano, you should see the Nike + iPod menu on the iPod nano. If this menu does not appear, try the following steps to address the issue:

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1. Verify that your iPod nano has the latest version of iPod nano Software.

2. Verify that your computer has the latest iTunes software.

3. Visually inspect the iPod nano dock connector and the Nike + iPod Receiver for foreign material.

4. Make sure that your iPod has properly identified the receiver. To do so:

  • With the receiver connected, choose Settings > About from your iPod.
  • Press the Center button until you get to the Nike + iPod Receiver About screen.
  • Confirm the availability of Nike + iPod Receiver 1.0.1.

5. Go to the Extras menu to see if the Nike + iPod option appears there. If it appears in the Extras menu but not in the main menu, it's possible that that option has been disabled in the main menu. You can enable it by going to Settings > General > Main Menu, and then scrolling down to Nike + iPod and pressing the Center button. Enabled items are indicated by check marks.

6. If the issue persists, reset iPod nano.

7. Try updating or restoring the iPod nano.

If the issue persists and you have access to another receiver, connect it to the iPod nano. If the Nike + iPod menu appears, service the first receiver. If the Nike + iPod menu still does not appear, connect the iPod nano to a computer using the USB cable. If the iPod is recognized by iTunes, service the Nike + iPod Receiver. If not, service the iPod nano.

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