Can't burn a CD in iTunes for Windows

Find out what to do if you can't burn an audio CD using iTunes for Windows. Sometimes an audio disc may not burn as expected. Here are some things to check.

Update iTunes

Download and install the latest version of iTunes for Windows.

Check for unauthorized songs

iTunes will stop burning a disc if you purchased one or more of the songs in a playlist from the iTunes Store and the songs aren't authorized to play on your computer. This message should appear: "Some of the files can not be burned to an audio CD. Do you still want to burn the remainder of this playlist? For more information on why some files can not be burned, click below."

To find out which songs aren't authorized, play each song in the playlist. Songs that play are authorized. Songs that don't play aren't authorized. You'll be asked to authorize any unauthorized songs.

Make sure your playlist will fit on a single CD

If there are too many songs in a playlist to fit on a single CD, iTunes should ask if you want to burn multiple discs or cancel the burn. This message should appear: "The songs in this playlist will not fit on one Audio CD. Do you want to create multiple Audio CDs with this playlist split across them? This will require more than one blank CD to complete."

If you click the Audio CDs button, the burn will continue and you'll be asked to insert blank CDs until the playlist is completely burned. If you click cancel, the burn will be canceled.

To make the playlist shorter so that it will fit on a single CD, select a song to remove from the playlist and choose Edit > Clear. Repeat this step until the duration of the playlist is between 60 and 80 minutes. The duration appears at the top of the playlist window. Most CD-R discs can hold 60 to 80 minutes of music.

Check how many times you've burned the playlist

An unchanged playlist that contains songs purchased from the iTunes Store can be burned no more than seven times.

Additional steps and submitting feedback

Go to iTunes Support to get additional troubleshooting suggestions specific to your optical drive configuration or to submit feedback to Apple.

Learn more

For additional troubleshooting, please see these steps:


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