iChat: Some or all buddies incorrectly appear offline

In iChat, some or all of your buddies may incorrectly appear to be offline, even if they are online. This can occur due to Privacy Level settings set in iChat by you or by your buddies.

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If all Buddies appear offline

If all Buddies appear offline, you may need to toggle your Privacy Level settings:

  1. Open iChat.
  2. From the iChat menu, choose Preferences.
  3. Click Accounts.
  4. Select your AIM account in the Account list.
  5. Click Security.
  6. Set your Privacy Level to something other than its current setting.
  7. Set your Privacy Level to "Allow anyone".

If "Allow anyone" resolves your issue, but is not your desired Privacy Level, set your Privacy level to its desired setting.  

If "Allow anyone" does not resolve your issue, you may need to adjust your privacy settings using AIM Express.  For more information on AIM Express, see AIM's Help documentation. 

If you are blocking or allowing specific people, make sure your Buddies are not being blocked.

A specific buddy does not appear online as expected

If only one of your buddies does not appear online as expected, their privacy settings may be set to block you. They will need to change their Privacy Settings to resolve this issue.

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