Apple Deployment Programs and Apple ID

You can't use Apple IDs that you use with the Apple Deployment Programs in the iTunes Store or with some other Apple services. See more about each type of account below.

Agent accounts

The first time that you enroll in any of the Apple Deployment Programs, you will need to create a new Apple ID and set up two-step verification for that Apple ID. This Apple ID will be the Agent account for the enrollment. After you enroll the first time, you can also use your new Agent account to enroll in the other Apple Deployment Programs available in your country or region.

If you’re a Program Manager who enrolled in Volume Purchase Program for Education before February 26, 2014, you can sign in to the Apple Deployment Programs website, but you'll need to set up two-step verification. You can only use the website to add new Admin accounts (previously Program Facilitators).

If you have a Volume Purchase Program for Business account, you can use the same program ID to enroll in other Apple Deployment Programs. If you want to create Admin accounts, you'll need to set up two-step verification.

Admin accounts

Agents can create other Admins. When you create an Admin account, you can choose which program resources they can access, including the creation of additional Admin accounts. For example, an Agent can create an Admin account that can make purchases on the Volume Purchase Program store, create Student accounts for a particular school, or create other Admin accounts.

Any Admin account that you add to your programs will need to use an email address that isn't currently associated with an Apple ID. Two-step verification should also be set up for the account.

You can continue to use existing Program Facilitator accounts that were created for the Volume Purchase Program for Education before February 26, 2014 with the VPP store. They don't need to sign in to the Apple Deployment Programs website.

End-user accounts

If you're deploying to shared devices with Apple Configurator, end-users don't need their own Apple ID.

If you're deploying to single-user devices, users should have their own Apple ID. If they don’t have one, they can create one before they receive a device or use Setup Assistant. Using Setup Assistant, the user can quickly and easily create an Apple ID right from their Mac or iOS device. Apple IDs can also be created without a credit card. K-12 Educational institutions in the United States enrolled in the VPP program can use Apple ID for Students to create Apple IDs for students under the age of 13. Otherwise, users should create their own Apple IDs or use their existing Apple IDs.

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