What is Apple ID for Students?

Apple ID for Students is a program for educational institutions in the United States that lets you create Apple IDs for students under the age of 13.

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Apple ID for Students program (United States)

In the United States, students under 13 can have an Apple ID created for them through the Apple ID for Students program. Schools enrolled in this program can request an Apple ID for the student. The parent or guardian then completes an online consent form and agrees to the terms of the Parent Privacy Disclosure and Consent (PDF). Upon consent, the Apple ID is created for the student.

How Apple IDs for students under 13 differ from other Apple IDs:

  • Students can’t opt-in to receive marketing materials.
  • Limit Ad Tracking is turned on for the account, so students don't receive targeted advertising from Apple.
  • Students can't change certain account settings, such as email address and date of birth.
  • A parent or guardian can be notified of any significant changes to the terms of the account.
  • A credit card isn't required to use the Apple ID with the iTunes Store, App Store, Mac App Store, or iBooks Store. Access to these stores allows students to enroll in iTunes U courses, receive app licenses, and redeem codes for textbooks purchased on the student’s behalf.
  • When students reach age 13, their Apple ID converts to a full account with full rights and privileges. 

Student privacy and security are important to Apple:

  • Apple's privacy policy explains how Apple collects, discloses, transfers, and stores user information.
  • Parents can manage access to many Apple features and services through parental controls.

Visit the Apple ID for Students website to learn more about the program.

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If your child’s school isn’t involved in the Apple ID for Students program, you can use these steps to create an Apple ID for them with Family Sharing.

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