Podcasts app for iOS: Browsing and searching

Podcasts are audio, video, or document content in episode format. They cover many different topics including arts, comedy, education, health, news and politics, technology, and more. Learn how to browse and find them with the Podcasts app for iOS.

To find podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the Podcasts app. You'll see a few different areas such as Featured, Top Charts, and Search which are described later in this article.

If you see a podcast that looks interesting, simply tap on it. When you're viewing podcasts from Featured or from Search, you'll see:

  • Podcast details and description
  • A list of episodes and their length.
  • Subscriber reviews
  • Related podcasts.

Podcast Details


Tap Featured at the bottom of the Podcasts app. The Featured section highlights a curated selection of podcasts including new releases. Tap Audio or Video at the top to view podcasts of those types. Tap Categories to refine your browsing.
Featured Podcasts


Top Charts 

Tap Top Charts at the bottom of the Podcasts app. Browse and discover what other listeners and viewers are most actively subscribing to and enjoying. You can browse the top charts by audio or video podcast. Tap categories to refine your browsing.


Top Charts





If you know what you’re looking for, tap Search. You can search using keywords or the name of a podcast. Search results will show overall podcast programs and podcast episodes that match up with your search.


Search for Podcasts


Note: See My Podcasts below to search podcasts you already have.


My Podcasts

Tap My Podcasts at the bottom of the Podcasts app for iOS. This lists all the podcasts you already have. From here, if you want to search podcasts that you've already downloaded, pull down with one finger to reveal search. 



Searching My Podcasts


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