About Disney Movies Anywhere and iTunes Store

Learn about Disney Movies Anywhere and your iTunes Store account.

What is Disney Movies Anywhere?

Disney Movies Anywhere is a service that lets you browse and watch your collection of eligible Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies, along with bonus material and exclusive videos. You can easily manage your digital movie collection and instantly stream and download your favorite Disney movies across all of your devices.

Note: Your Apple ID can have up to ten devices (including five computers) associated with it. Each computer must also be authorized using the same Apple ID.

When you connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account to your iTunes Store account, eligible Disney movies become available to watch and download from either account. Access Disney Movies Anywhere on your computer through DisneyMoviesAnywhere.com or download the free app for your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (iOS 7 required). Download Disney Movies Anywhere from the App Store.

How do I connect my iTunes account?

You can connect your Disney Movies Anywhere account with your iTunes account in your Disney Movies Anywhere settings. Go to Settings > Account > Connect Accounts, and then select iTunes to begin. You'll be redirected to iTunes to complete the process.

Once completed, you can return to Disney Movies Anywhere and visit the Connect Accounts section to confirm that you've connected your accounts. You may only connect one account at a time and switch accounts every 180 days. Connecting your iTunes account syncs all of your eligible Disney, Pixar, and Marvel movies between both services.

Can I use Disney Movies Anywhere if I'm outside of the United States?

Currently, you can only stream and download eligible movies through Disney Movies Anywhere within the U.S. and certain U.S. territories and possessions.

How do I disconnect my iTunes account?

You can disconnect your iTunes and Disney Movies Anywhere accounts by going to the Account Information page in the iTunes Store.

  1. Click to open your account in iTunes (you may need to sign in with your Apple ID), or follow these steps:
    1. Open iTunes and click iTunes Store.
    2. Click Sign In and enter your Apple ID.
    3. Click your Apple ID and select Account.
  2. From the Account Information page, click the Disconnect button to the right of Disney Movies Anywhere.

When you disconnect your accounts, you can still watch your existing movies in both accounts, but you can only watch new movies in the account you used to download them.

Can I watch my Disney Movies Anywhere eligible movies through iTunes?

Yes, once you've connected your Disney Movies Anywhere account with your iTunes account, you can watch your eligible Disney Movies Anywhere collection from your iTunes account.

Why are some movies I purchased from the iTunes store missing from my Disney Movies Anywhere account?

If you‘ve received refunds for purchases from iTunes, those movies will no longer be available from either Disney Movies Anywhere or iTunes.

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To learn about system requirements or program details, visit Disney Movies Anywhere or contact a Disney Movies Anywhere representative.

For urgent issues, call 1-855-347-3722 to speak to a Disney Movies Anywhere representative.

For all other questions, use the Disney Movies Anywhere contact form.

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