Apple Technical Learning Administration System FAQ

 The following are frequently asked questons concerning the Apple Technical Learning Administration System FAQ

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What is ATLAS?

ATLAS (Apple Technical Learning Administration System) is a learning management system for persons who service and support Apple products. It replaces the current AppleCare Service Training website.


When is it available?

ATLAS is launching in a staged rollout starting in March and ending in June.  There will be separate communications to the different service channels explaining the process.


How does ATLAS work?

ATLAS provides a customized curriculum for the certifications needed for your job  This includes required courses and optional courses. It allows you to register for live online training events and gives access to the self-paced courses you require. It also tracks your course completions and provides links to exam services and your certification records.


I am part way through the courses on the old website.  How will this affect my studies?

You can resume your studies on ATLAS since it uses the same certification courses.


Will the AppleCare Service Training site be left up?

The AppleCare Service Training website will be retired once all Apple service channels have transitioned to ATLAS.


I already have certifications.  Does the ATLAS rollout mean I have to start over?

No, it does not.  Your current certifications are not affected.


How do I access ATLAS?

You access ATLAS the same way you accessed the AppleCare Service Training website.  You can use GSX links or directly access ATLAS at


I am not seeing courses I used to see at the AppleCare Service Training website.  Where did they go?

ATLAS contains training for current products and corresponding certifications.  Some older courses were no longer current and were not transferred to ATLAS.


What will I see when I first sign in to ATLAS?

When you first sign in,  you will see a short video explaining how to navigate and use ATLAS.  Then, you will be able to access the ATLAS Home Page.  

Note:  ATLAS loads your personal profile and courses within 20 minutes of first sign-in.  Subsequent sign-ins will load without delay.

The home page links to required courses, elective courses, upcoming events, courses in progress and more.


Someone I work with is seeing different courses than I do.  Why is this happening?

The courses you can access are determined by what you have already done and the type of product you intend to work on.  ATLAS customizes course offerings to each individual.  This can mean that someone else may see a different array of courses.


How do required courses work?

ATLAS provides a customized course array to each user based on where they work and what they do.  Required courses are those needed to do the job.  Some required courses may have due dates for completion.  


What kind of upcoming events are available to me?

The available events will depend on the work you do.  AppleCare will be scheduling events based on Mac service issues, iOS service issues, Apple systems, and other topics.  


Does ATLAS track my course completions?

Yes, it does.  You can see the courses you complete in your Learning History.  If you start but do not finish a course, you will see where you left off when you open it again. In addition, ATLAS sends a record of completed courses to GCX.  


I have questions that are not covered here.  Where can I get answers?

You can send your questions to

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