Migrate from redemption codes to managed distribution with the Volume Purchase Program

Organizations that participate in the Volume Purchase Program (VPP) can choose between two different distribution methods for each VPP transaction: managed distribution or redeemable codes.

With managed distribution, organizations retain ownership and control of apps purchased through VPP. Your organization can assign apps to users, or iOS 9 devices, through a mobile device management (MDM) solution or Apple Configurator 2. You can also revoke and reassign apps as needed. Organizations can also assign books using MDM, though the user retains ownership of the books.

Alternatively, your organization can use redemption codes to transfer ownership of apps or books to a user's iTunes account.

Migrate redemption codes to managed distribution

If you previously purchased redemption codes through VPP, you can request to migrate these codes for use with managed distribution if the codes are unredeemed or were redeemed through Apple Configurator 1.x.

Previously purchased redemption codes that have been redeemed by individual users can't be migrated.

Consider the following before you decide if migrating from redemption codes to managed distribution will work for your organization:

  • Make sure you want all your unredeemed codes or codes redeemed through Apple Configurator 1.x converted to managed distribution before you request migration. If you choose migration, all previously purchased codes must be migrated and all unredeemed codes will be disabled after you convert to managed distribution. If you have unredeemed codes in circulation within your organization, you may want to redeem them, alert users that they won't be available, or delay migration until they have been redeemed.
  • If you use Apple Configurator for devices that are shared between users, you should upgrade your devices to iOS 9 and Apple Configurator 2 before migrating your redemption codes. This allows you to assign managed licenses directly to devices.

The migration from redemption codes to managed distribution is permanent and cannot be reversed.

System requirements

  • A Mobile Device Management solution (MDM) is required for managed distribution. Make sure you have an MDM solution in place and that it’s linked to your VPP account before you request migration. Profile Manager in OS X Server supports managed distribution to users or devices. Apple Configurator 2 supports managed distribution to devices. For other MDM solutions, check with your MDM provider.
  • Managed distribution requires iOS 7 or later or OS X Mavericks v10.9 or later.
  • Device-based app assignment requires iOS 9 or OS X El Capitan.

Request migration

If you reviewed the requirements and want to migrate from redemption codes to managed distribution for all previous purchases made with your VPP account, submit your request using the online business or education support request form. Select “Migrate redemption codes to managed distribution” in the menu at the top of the form.

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Published Date:Sat Dec 31 16:00:36 GMT 2016