Use Maps on your Mac to find your destination

Maps on your Mac makes it simple to get directions and information about local points of interest.

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Directions in Maps

Get directions

  1. Click Maps in the Dock. Don’t see the Maps app? Click Spotlight button in the menu bar, then search for Maps.
  2. Enter your destination in the Maps Search field, then select your destination from the sidebar or on the map.
  3. Click Car button next to your destination, then choose Drive, Walk, or Transit.
  4. If multiple routes are available, choose a route in the sidebar. 

To send directions to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, click Share button and choose your device. Your iOS device must have iOS 7 or later and be signed in to iCloud using the same Apple ID as your Mac.

Avoid tolls and highways

To avoid tolls and highways, choose View > Directions > Driving Options. Then choose Avoid Tolls or Avoid Highways.

See traffic conditions

Orange lines on your route indicate traffic, and red lines indicate heavy traffic. You might also see markers for road closures Road closure sign, construction construction icon, and accidents Accident icon.

Ask Siri for directions

Siri on your Mac makes it even easier to use Maps. Siri can get directions and open Maps for you.

Click Siri button in the menu bar or Dock, then tell Siri what you need. Say something like, “Find coffee near me” or “Get transit directions to San Francisco”.

Get a 3D view

When you turn on 3D, you can see interactive 3D views of cities and landmarks.

To change your map view, use the controls in the lower right corner:

3D view of maps

Drop a pin

To navigate to specific locations on the map, you can use pins. Pins help when you don’t know the name or address for a location, but have a general idea of where you might want to go. You can place a pin anywhere on the map, and then see the address of the pin. Here's how to drop a pin:

  1. Choose Edit > Drop Pin. 
  2. To move the pin, drag the pin to a new location on the map, then release.
  3. To get directions, click the pin, click Get Info button, then click Directions.

Want to see the latitude and longitude of a pin? Click the pin, click Get info button, then scroll down.

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