About Apple Lightning docks

Learn which iOS devices work with each dock, and how to identify your dock.

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iPhone Lightning Dock

With an iPhone Lightning Dock, you can listen to music, plus charge and sync an iPhone 5 or later or an iPod touch (5th generation or later).

The iPhone Lightning Dock also has headphone playback support and audio line out. This means you can use the volume controls on your headphones or your stereo. If your iPhone has an Apple case, you can leave it on while using an iPhone Lightning Dock.


iPhone 5s Dock

With an iPhone 5s Dock, you can charge, sync, and use audio line out with an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5c Dock

With an iPhone 5c Dock, you can charge, sync, and use audio line out with an iPhone 5c.

About headphone playback support

The iPhone Lightning Dock has headphone playback support. This lets you use the volume and playback controls built into your headphones instead of the controls on your iPhone.

You'll need iOS 7 or later to use headphone playback support.

About audio line out

Audio line out provides a line-level audio connection. When you connect an Apple Lightning dock to your stereo, you can change volume and playback with your stereo's controls.

You'll need iOS 7 or later to use audio line out.

Which Apple Lightning dock do you have?

To find out which Lightning dock you have, check the model number on the back:

  • A1717: iPhone Lightning Dock (available in several colors)
  • A1605: iPhone Lightning Dock
  • A1505: iPhone 5s Dock
  • A1520: iPhone 5c Dock

Published Date:Thu Sep 28 17:20:17 GMT 2017