Manage your AppleCare plans

You can see all of your registered AppleCare plans with the AppleCare Agreement tool. If one of your plans is missing, it might be registered under a different Apple ID. We’ll help you find where your plan is listed and consolidate them under your preferred Apple ID.

If you buy a boxed version of the AppleCare Protection Plan, you'll need to register it to see the plan on the Agreement tool. Otherwise, we’ll automatically register your AppleCare coverage when you buy it.

Find your AppleCare plan under another Apple ID

If you have multiple Apple IDs, your AppleCare plan might be registered under another account. To check another Apple ID, follow these steps:

  1. Sign out of the Apple ID account you’re currently using.
  2. Sign back in to the AppleCare Agreements tool with your other Apple ID.
  3. Look for your coverage plan. 

Consolidate your AppleCare plans

If you see an AppleCare plan listed under an Apple ID that you don’t want to use anymore, contact us to consolidate your device and AppleCare plans together under your preferred Apple ID.

Here’s what you’ll need when you contact us:

  • The AppleCare agreement registration number
  • The serial number of the Apple device that you want to cover
  • Your preferred Apple ID and any Apple IDs you no longer want to use
  • The receipt for your Apple device and the AppleCare coverage plan

Find other Apple IDs and update your information

If you don’t find your device, you might have multiple Apple IDs and not even realize it. Go to your Apple ID account page and click Forgot Apple ID or password. When you're asked to enter your Apple ID, click Forgot Apple ID. If you still need help, you can contact Apple Support.

If you see an AppleCare plan with incorrect information, you can update your agreement online.

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