How to manage your AppleCare products

If an AppleCare product you've already registered doesn't show up on the AppleCare Agreements list, you might have registered it under a different Apple ID. This article explains how to view your AppleCare products and register or consolidate them under one Apple ID.

Start by registering

If you don't see the AppleCare product you're looking for, it might not have been registered.

To register an AppleCare Protection Plan, sign in to the AppleCare Agreements tool with your preferred Apple ID. You'll need the following:

  • The AppleCare Protection Plan registration number
  • The serial number of the Apple hardware product to be covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan
  • A copy of the original sales receipt of your Apple hardware product and the AppleCare Protection Plan

NOTE: If you bought a boxed version of an AppleCare Protection Plan, you'll need to enroll and register it. Otherwise, your AppleCare product was automatically enrolled and registered when you bought it from Apple.


See your registered AppleCare products

  1. Sign in to the AppleCare Agreements tool.
  2. You should see all of your registered AppleCare products.
  3. If you see an AppleCare product with incorrect information, click "Update Agreement Information" and upload proof-of-purchase information.
  4. If an AppleCare product that you've registered is missing from the list, it might be listed under another Apple ID.
  5. Sign out then sign back in to the AppleCare Agreements tool with your other Apple ID if you have one. If you don't know whether you have another Apple ID, skip to the next section.
  6. If you see an AppleCare product listed under an Apple ID that you no longer want to use, contact us to consolidate your hardware and AppleCare products together under the right Apple ID.


Find any additional Apple IDs at My Apple ID

You might have multiple Apple IDs and not even realize it. Depending on when and where you purchased your AppleCare product, it may have been registered under another Apple ID.

Visit My Apple ID and select "Find your Apple ID" to recover your other Apple IDs. 


Contact us to consolidate your AppleCare products under your preferred Apple ID

If you still don't see a registered AppleCare product or if you find that an AppleCare product is registered under another Apple ID and you want everything consolidated, you'll need to contact us.

Please have the following information handy when you contact us:

  • The AppleCare Protection Plan registration number
  • The serial number of the Apple hardware product to be covered
  • Your preferred Apple ID and any Apple IDs you no longer wish to use
  • A copy of the original sales receipt of your Apple hardware product and the AppleCare Protection Plan

Find the phone number for Apple in your region.

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