Use an Apple Wireless Keyboard with your Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation)

After you connect an Apple Wireless Keyboard (2007, 2009, or 2011) to your Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation), you can use it to search, navigate menus, and more.

Here's what you need

If your third-party Bluetooth keyboard uses the Apple keyboard layout, you might be able to use it with your Apple TV. Ask the keyboard manufacturer. 

Pair your keyboard with your Apple TV

  1. Turn on your keyboard and put it in discovery mode.
  2. On your Apple TV, select Settings > General > Bluetooth. Your Apple TV will search for nearby Bluetooth accessories.
  3. Select your keyboard.
  4. If asked, enter the four-digit code, then press Enter or Return.

Use your keyboard

  • Search and enter text, email addresses, passwords, and more.
  • Navigate menus on your Apple TV using the arrow, Return, and Escape keys.
  • Jump to an item, title, or name on the screen by typing the first few letters. For example, when viewing your music collection, type a song title to jump to it.
  • Play or pause music and video and select previous or next.

Unpair or stop using your keyboard

  1. Select Settings > General > Bluetooth.
  2. Select your keyboard, then select Forget this device.

Get help

If you can't pair your keyboard with your Apple TV:  

  1. Turn on your keyboard and make sure that it's in range of your Apple TV.
  2. Make sure that it's discoverable or in pairing mode using the instructions that came with it. You should see a flashing light on the keyboard. If you don't pair your keyboard within three minutes, the light and keyboard will turn off. Press the On/Off switch to turn your keyboard on again. 
  3. Make sure that your keyboard isn't paired or connected to another device.

If your keyboard can't stay connected:

  1. See if the keyboard is charged or needs new batteries.
  2. Check for nearby sources of interference, such as other wireless devices and Bluetooth transmitters.
  3. Unpair your keyboard, then pair it with your Apple TV again.

Apple TV uses the U.S. English keyboard layout regardless of the keyboard's hardware layout. Volume, brightness, and other controls aren't available for Apple TV. Apple TV supports Bluetooth keyboards only. Headsets, speakers, and other devices aren't supported. If you need help with a third-party Bluetooth keyboard, contact the manufacturer.

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