Use Conference Room Display mode and related settings on your Apple TV

When you use your Apple TV for education or business, use Conference Room Display or restrict AirPlay access to your Apple TV.

Security settings for Apple TV


Restrict AirPlay access to your Apple TV

To restrict access to your Apple TV through AirPlay, you can choose from three security settings. Go to Settings > AirPlay > Security and choose the option that's right for you:

  • First-Time Passcode: If you choose this option, the first time someone uses AirPlay with your Apple TV, their AirPlay enabled device requires the AirPlay passcode shown on your TV (unless you already paired their device with the Apple TV Remote app).
  • Passcode or Onscreen Code: To give access only to users in the same room as your Apple TV, choose this option. Every time someone with an AirPlay enabled device tries to connect to your Apple TV, their device asks for the AirPlay passcode shown on your TV.
  • Password: To give access only to users who have your AirPlay password, choose this option. Then any user who wants to use AirPlay on your Apple TV needs to ask you for your AirPlay password. You might want to change your password periodically, because after someone enters it on their device, that device remembers the password forever.

Set up Device Verification for Apple TV (2nd or 3rd generation)

To set up a requirement for a one-time onscreen passcode for all AirPlay enabled devices, go to Settings > AirPlay > Security and turn on Require Device Verification.

Use Conference Room Display

Conference Room Display shows instructions for how to connect to Apple TV through AirPlay. Then everyone in the room can learn how to project the screen of their AirPlay enabled device to the display connected to the Apple TV.

Here's how to turn on Conference Room Display:

  1. Make sure that your Apple TV has the latest software.
  2. Go to Settings > AirPlay > Conference Room Display.
  3. Turn on Conference Room Display. 
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