Lightning to 30-pin Adapter: Using video adapters or other 30-pin accessories

Learn which features on your iPod and iPhone are supported with the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter and other adapters for car, TV, and video devices.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

When you connect an iPod or iPhone with the Lightning to 30-pin Adapter, the iPod or iPhone will be treated like an iPod that does not support iPod Out. You should still be able to navigate through and play your music using the vehicle's built-in user interface.

iPod Out is a vehicle-integration system built in to some cars that allows the user to experience Apple's own user interface by pushing video to the car's display screen. It is not supported over a Lightning 30-pin Adapter or Lightning to 30-pin Adapter (0.2m).

Connecting the iPod or iPhone to a TV or a video device using a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter with video adapters such as the Apple Digital AV Adapter, Apple VGA Adapter, and the Apple Composite AV cable are not supported.

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