iPod nano (7th generation): Frequently used features

Learn about using Bluetooth, voice memos, multi-touch gestures, and other frequently used features on iPod nano (7th generation).

Connect to Bluetooth accessories

You can connect your iPod nano to compatible Bluetooth headsets and other accessories, including some hands-free systems in newer cars. You can also connect to a Nike+ sensor or a Bluetooth heart-rate monitor. iPod nano supports A2DP for audio streaming and AVRCP for controlling playback on Bluetooth devices.

FM radio will not play through a Bluetooth accessory.

Use FM radio

iPod nano uses the headphone cord as an antenna, so you must connect headphones to iPod nano to receive a radio signal. For better reception, make sure the cord isn’t tangled or coiled.

FM radio will not play through a Bluetooth accessory.

Listen to the radio

  1. Connect EarPods or headphones to iPod nano, then tap Radio on the Home screen. If you don’t see the Radio icon, swipe left.
  2. Tap the Play icon.
    Note: If the station supports RDS (Radio Data System), the song title, artist name, and station information appear in the display.

Pause live radio

You can pause a radio broadcast and resume playing it from the same point up to 15 minutes later.

When Live Pause is turned on in Settings (it’s on by default), you can pause a live broadcast for up to 15 minutes. When the 15 minute limit is reached, the earlier recording is cleared as the recording continues.

Paused radio is cleared automatically if:

  • You change stations.
  • You turn off iPod nano.
  • You play other media content or record a voice memo.
  • The battery is very low and needs to be charged.
  • You pause the radio for 15 minutes without resuming play.

The Live Pause controls give you more options for listening to paused radio and provide access to the Radio menu.

Show the Live Pause control

  1. While the radio is playing, tap the Radio screen.
  2. A control shows where the broadcast was paused. The progress bar continues to fill up, displaying the time that’s passed since you paused.

There are a few ways to control playback of paused radio:

  • Start listening at the point where you paused by tapping the play icon on the screen or by pressing the Play/Pause button (between the volume buttons).
  • Skip back by 30-second increments by tapping the 30 second skip back icon.
  • Skip forward by 30-second increments by tapping the Fast Forward icon.
  • Skip forward by approximately 10-second increments by touching and holding the Fast Forward icon.
  • Move forward or backward through paused content by dragging the control along the progress bar.
  • Catch up to the live broadcast by dragging the control all the way to the right.
  • Open the radio menu by tapping the list icon. The Radio menu is where you can find local stations, set favorite stations, tag songs, and see a list of recent songs.

Live Pause uses some battery power. Turn off Live Pause to conserve the battery.

Turn off Live Pause

  1. From the Home screen, tap Settings > Radio.
  2. Tap the "On" switch to turn toggle Live Pause off.

Voice Memos

You can record and listen to voice memos on iPod nano, label them, then sync them to iTunes. The Voice Memos icon appears on the Home screen when a microphone is connected or when there are voice recordings on iPod nano.

Record a voice memo

You can use the optional Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic or a supported third-party accessory to record voice memos on iPod nano.

  1. Connect a compatible microphone, then tap Voice Memos on the Home screen.
  2. Tap Record, then begin speaking.
  3. Tap Pause and tap Resume as many times as you like during the recording.
  4. When you’re finished, tap Stop.

The elapsed time displays on the screen while you record. The recording stops automatically if you press the Home button or leave the Voice Memos screen.

Listen to a recording

You can play back recordings without connecting a microphone. The controls for voice memo playback are similar to those for listening to other audio on iPod nano.

  1. On the Home screen, tap Voice Memos.
  2. Tap Memos, then tap a recording. The recording begins playing automatically.
  3. Tap to pause playback.
  4. Tap the screen to see additional playback controls.

Using Multi-Touch

Learn about different ways to interact with your iPod nano.

Tap and double-tap

Tap an icon to open it or to select an item in a menu or list. You can tap a photo twice quickly to zoom in, then double-tap again to quickly zoom out. When watching a video, double-tap to change how the video fits the screen.


Swipe sideways to move to the next or previous screen.


Flick your finger quickly up or down to scroll rapidly. You can wait for scrolling to stop, or touch anywhere on the screen to stop it immediately. Touching the screen won’t choose or activate anything. In some lists, such as Playlists, you can flick down to show editing controls at the top.


Drag over scrubber bars or sliders to move their controls.

Pinch in or out

When viewing photos, you can zoom in or out gradually. Pinch your fingers apart to make the photo grow larger or pinch your fingers together to make the photo smaller. You can also double-tap to zoom to the maximum size, then double-tap again to zoom all the way out.


For information on these and other features, refer to the User Guide.

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