How to install a configuration profile on Apple TV

You can use Apple Configurator on OS X to install configuration profiles on your Apple TV.

Before you begin, install the latest version of Apple Configurator on your Mac if you haven't already. Make sure your Apple TV is a 2nd generation or later model and has been updated to software version 5.1 or later. Then, use these steps to install a configuration profile on your Apple TV.

  1. Connect your Apple TV to AC power and make sure it is powered on. 
  2. Use a Micro-USB cable (sold separately) to connect the Apple TV to a Mac that has Apple Configurator. Open Apple Configurator on your Mac.

    If your Apple TV enters recovery mode, disconnect the Apple TV from AC Power and the Micro-USB cable. Then reconnect the power cable and wait for the light to stop flashing. Next, reconnect the Micro-USB cable and follow the steps below.

  3. After connecting to Apple Configurator, The Apple TV Assistant appears in the Apple Configurator window. If you don't see the Assistant, select it from the Window menu.
  4. If you want to enroll the Apple TV in a mobile device management (MDM) service, select a profile that has already been imported in Apple Configurator or another enrollment profile on your computer. Otherwise, choose Don't Enroll.
  5. Choose whether or not to erase the Apple TV and install the latest version of Apple TV software. Important: if you are enrolling the Apple TV in MDM you must choose the option to erase and install the latest version. If you choose Don't Install, skip step 6.
  6. Choose a name for the Apple TV and set the language and diagnostics preferences. This bypasses the setup screen when the new software is installed.
  7. Select profiles to install on the Apple TV from the list of profiles already in Apple Configurator, or create or import a new profile to install. Apple TV supports Wi-Fi and Certificate payloads for configuring network access, including proxy and 802.1X settings.
  8. Your Apple TV must be connected to the Internet for configuration, so if you don't select a Wi-Fi profile you must connect the Apple TV to Ethernet. Starting with Apple TV 6.0, installing a profile with WPA / WPA 2 Enterprise Wi-Fi security no longer requires a temporary Ethernet connection in order to establish the initial 802.1X authentication.
  9. Review your configuration choices and click Configure to apply them to your Apple TV.
  10. Follow the prompts in Apple Configurator to restart your Apple TV if necessary.
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