About iMovie 9.0.8 and 3ivx software

iMovie may not open with the 3ivx QuickTime component installed.

If 3ivx software is installed on your Mac, iMovie 9.0.8 will display a warning dialog to explain how you can remove the software. 3ivx is non-malicious software, called a QuickTime component, that is most often installed with software provided by a camera manufacturer. Some older versions of the 3ivx QuickTime component are known to prevent iMovie from opening.

The warning dialog will direct you towards one or multiple 3ivx files that you need to remove from your system to allow iMovie to open. These files can include:

  • 3ivxVideoCodec.component
  • lib3ivxEnc.dylib

To remove 3ivx files

  1. Click the "Show in Finder" button in the warning dialog. A new Finder window will appear for each file that is found, with the files that you need to remove selected in each window.
  2. Move the selected files to the Trash.
  3. Click the iMovie icon in the Dock to return to iMovie.
  4. Click the Continue button in the warning dialog.

iMovie should now open.

If you still require the 3ivx QuickTime component

3ivx enhances compatibility with some cameras and camcorders, such as the Flip Ultra and Flip Mino.

If you can no longer import or play back video clips from these cameras with iMovie after removing 3ivx files, visit the 3ivx website to download a free trial of the updated 3ivx QuickTime component (version 5.0.5 is compatible with iMovie 9.0.8). Once you have confirmed that import and playback functionality have been restored in iMovie, you may purchase the updated 3ivx QuickTime component here.

Note: After installing the latest version of the 3ivx software, you will continue to see the warning dialog when opening iMovie. To disable this warning, select the "Do not show this message again" checkbox, and click the Continue button.

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