OS X Server: About the RADIUS Service

The RADIUS service is included in OS X Server, but it is not listed as a separate service in the Server app.

In OS X Server, you can enable RADIUS using these steps:

  1. In the Server app, select the AirPort device used as your Internet router from the sidebar.
  2. Choose "Require user name and password login over Wi-FI".

The Server app starts RADIUS on your server, registers the selected Apple wireless device with RADIUS, and authorizes all user accounts on the server (included users from connected external directories) to access your wireless network, using the server's default SSL certificate.

If you upgrade or migrate to OS X Server from Lion Server or Mac OS X Server v10.6, your RADIUS configuration is preserved and remains active. (It may appear inactive in Server app until you Refresh the service from the View menu.) If you enable RADIUS as described above, it overwrites your previous RADIUS settings.

RADIUS settings can be customized using the radiusconfig command. For instructions, see man radiusconfig.

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