iAd Producer 3: Best practices for background layers

iAd Producer 3 includes support for project-wide shared layers.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

In iAd Producer 3.0, you can add shared layers to a page either above or below the page content. The position of shared layers is controlled by the Layer List sidebar.

Shared layers that are below the page content will not be interactive (mouse clicks will not be received by objects there). It's best for interactive objects such as buttons be placed only on shared layers that are above the page content.

 To change the ordering of the layers:

  1. Open the Layer List sidebar by clicking on the Layers toolbar icon.
  2. Click and drag the layer up or down.  A yellow line will indicate the position of the layer in the list.
  3. Release the mouse button when the layer is in the location you prefer.
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