Braille displays that work with VoiceOver on your Mac

These refreshable braille displays work with VoiceOver to provide brailled descriptions of onscreen items.

macOS supports these USB or Bluetooth braille displays without requiring that you install additional software. You can connect multiple USB displays to a single Mac so that more than one user can follow along. Learn more about VoiceOver on Mac.


544 Satellite USB
544 Satellite Traveller USB
570 Satellite Pro USB
584 Satellite Pro USB
Requires the latest BC640 firmware.
USB Bluetooth
BC680 USB Bluetooth

American Printing House for the Blind

Refreshabraille 18 USB Bluetooth


PocketVario 24  USB Bluetooth
Pronto! 18  USB Bluetooth
Pronto! 40 USB Bluetooth
SuperVario2 Bluetooth
SuperVario 32 USB Bluetooth
SuperVario 40  USB Bluetooth
SuperVario 80  USB Bluetooth
VarioConnect 12 (Conny)
VoiceOver might identify this display as HumanWare BrailleConnect 12.
USB Bluetooth
VarioConnect 24  USB Bluetooth
VarioConnect 32  USB Bluetooth
VarioConnect 40  USB Bluetooth
VarioPro 64  USB
VarioPro 80 USB
VarioUltra 20 Bluetooth
VarioUltra 40 Bluetooth


Pegasus 42/4 CR USB
Pegasus 82/8 CR  USB


Esys 12  USB Bluetooth
Esys 24  USB Bluetooth
Esys 40  USB Bluetooth
Esys Light 40  USB Bluetooth
Esys 64  USB Bluetooth
Esys 80  USB Bluetooth

Freedom Scientific

Focus 14 Blue  USB Bluetooth
Focus 40  USB
Focus 40 Blue  USB Bluetooth
Focus 44  USB
Focus 70 
Focus 80  USB
Focus 80 Blue  USB Bluetooth
Focus 84  USB
PAC Mate 30     USB
PAC Mate 40  USB
PAC Mate BX420 (display only)  USB
PAC Mate BX440 (display only)  USB
PAC Mate QX420 (display only)  USB
PAC Mate QX440 (display only)  USB

GW Micro

Braille Sense
Bluetooth support requires the optional Braille Sense Bluetooth module.
USB Bluetooth
Braille Sense Plus USB Bluetooth
SyncBraille 20 USB
SyncBraille 32 USB


Active Braille 40  USB Bluetooth
Basic Braille 16 USB Bluetooth
Basic Braille 20 USB Bluetooth
Basic Braille 32 USB Bluetooth
Basic Braille 40 USB Bluetooth
Basic Braille 48 USB Bluetooth
Basic Braille 64 USB Bluetooth
Basic Braille 80 USB Bluetooth
Braille Star 40 USB Bluetooth
Braille Star 80 USB
Braille Wave USB Bluetooth
Braillino Bluetooth
Easy Braille USB Bluetooth
Modular Evolution 64 USB
Modular Evolution 88 USB


BraillePen Bluetooth
BraillePen 12 Bluetooth


Braille EDGE 40  USB Bluetooth
Braille Sense
Bluetooth support requires the Braile Sense Bluetooth module.
USB Bluetooth
Braille Sense Plus USB Bluetooth
Braille Sense OnHand 18  USB Bluetooth
Smart Beetle 14 USB Bluetooth
SyncBraille 20 USB
SyncBraille 32 USB


BrailleConnect 12 Bluetooth
BrailleConnect 24 USB Bluetooth
BrailleConnect 32 USB Bluetooth
BrailleConnect 40 USB Bluetooth
BrailleNote Apex BT USB Bluetooth
BrailleNote Apex QT
VoiceOver supports only the navigation keys.
USB Bluetooth
BrailleNote mPower BT 18 Bluetooth
BrailleNote mPower BT 32 Bluetooth
BrailleNote PK
VoiceOver identifies this display as Humanware BrailleNote mPower BT 18.
Brailliant 24 USB Bluetooth
Brailliant 32 USB Bluetooth
Brailliant 40 USB Bluetooth
Brailliant 64 USB Bluetooth
Brailliant 80 USB Bluetooth
Brailliant BI 32 USB Bluetooth
Brailliant BI 40 USB Bluetooth


Braille Memo Pocket 16 USB Bluetooth


Lilli USB
MB408L Bluetooth

Ninepoint Systems

Cebra USB
Ninepoint Bluetooth
Novem USB Bluetooth

Nippon Telesoft

Mini Seika 8 USB Bluetooth
Mini Seika 16 USB Bluetooth
Mini Seika 24
USB Bluetooth
Seika Version 3 USB
Seika Version 4 USB Bluetooth
Seika v5 USB Bluetooth
Seika 80 USB


EasyLink Bluetooth
EasyLink12 Bluetooth
Voyager 44 USB


Braillex EL 40s USB
Braillex EL 80s USB
Braillex Trio USB Bluetooth

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