About Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.6

Learn about Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.6.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Apple Remote Desktop Admin 3.6 is an update for the Remote Desktop application, which can be used to remotely administer Apple Remote Desktop clients.

How to update

For users who purchased Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store, the update will appear in the Updates tab of the Mac App Store. For users who installed Remote Desktop from a physical disc, the update is available as an automatic Software Update and as manual download from Apple Support Downloads.

System requirements

Remote Desktop v3.6 requires OS X Lion or Mountain Lion.
  • The Remote Desktop v3.6 update requires Apple Remote Desktop 3.0 or later
  • OS X Mountain Lion requires Remote Desktop v3.6 or later.

What's new

The 3.6 update improves the overall stability and reliability of the Remote Desktop application, and includes the following specific improvements.

  • Provides support for IPv6. You can add a Remote Desktop 3.6 client computer using an IPv6 address and view its IPv6 address in Get Info.
  • Includes additional option in the System Overview Report for Apple Remote Desktop 3.6 clients.
    • Battery
    • Trackpad
    • Thunderbolt
    • DisplayPort
    • Displays with Thunderbolt
  • Improves cursor display while observing or controlling a remote computer with a Retina display
  • Improves scaling Control and Observe windows
  • Improves reliability of remote Spotlight searches
  • Improves reliability of generating reports
  • Improves support for observing and controlling a remote computers with multiple displays
  • AppleScript Send UNIX command now properly returns values
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