About the Help menu in OS X Lion

The OS X Help menu can answer your questions and assist you in troubleshooting OS X, computer hardware, and connected devices.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

The content in the Help menu is contextual. For example, if you have the Mail application open when you click the Help menu, it will display information related to Mail.

Here is how to locate and use the Help menu for questions about OS X and your computer:


  1. In the Dock, click the Finder icon.
  2. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, click the Help menu. A search field appears.
  3. You can type words into the search field. You can enter full questions on how-to or troubleshooting topics. You can also search for menu commands and the Help menu will highlight them.

 To view Help for any other application in OS X, simply open that application and click the Help menu. Help works even if your are not connected to the Internet, and is updated when you do connect to the Internet to ensure you have the latest information.


About the Help Center

The Help Center is a place to view collections of help articles related to OS X and your computer. Open the Help Center by choosing Help Center from the Help menu.

Click the subjects on the left to see major content areas. Click on a topic on the right to see detail, and scroll to the bottom of the window to see other topics. Some Help entries can open applications if you click Open.

You can perform a Search in Help Center at any time by typing words into the Search field at the upper right and pressing Return or Enter. 

Learn more

Apple Online Support has a variety of additional resources and tools that can help you better use and troubleshoot your Apple product:

  • The Knowledge Base is organized by product. You can search it by using the search area at the top of the page.
  • Product Support aggregates all different types of information about your Apple product for easy access. To navigate, select the product line you are interested in. Then, select your specific product (such as MacBook Air or iTunes). This will take you to the Product Support Page for your product. Look to the left to see subject matter areas that will help answer your questions.
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