About Server Admin Tools 10.7.4

Learn about Server Admin Tools 10.7.4.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Server Admin Tools 10.7.4 contain advanced administration tools for Lion Server. You can install them on the server or on another Mac for remote administration.

The Server Admin Tools 10.7.4 are available as an automatic Software Update for Macs running OS X v10.7.3 with version 10.7 or later of the Server Admin Tools already installed, and as a manual download from Apple Support Downloads.

Important: If you have moved any of the Server Admin Tools out of their original locations (inside /Applications/Server/), the update may continue to appear in Software Update even after you have installed it. Return the Server Admin Tools to their original location before using Software Update, or remove any duplicate copies of the Server Admin Tools.

What's included?

The Server Admin Tools 10.7.4 update includes the following improvements:

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