Profile Manager 2: Scalability

Learn about Profile Manager 2's scalability.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Profile Manager 2 running on a Mac mini (mid 2011) with 8GB RAM and Mountain Lion can support up to 5,000 devices and computers on a single server. Profile Manager 2 manages the number of tasks processed in parallel to ensure outstanding profile updates are processed as quickly as possible. On average, each device or computer will take less than 800 milliseconds from the time it is scheduled to receive and process a signed profile update, up to the tested limit of 5000 clients.

The table below lists the total time it takes to serve individual signed profile updates, as tested using Profile Manager 2 on a Mac mini (Mid 2011) with 8 GB RAM running OS X Server (Mountain Lion) with up to 5000 clients.

Number of clients Total elapsed time
50 30 seconds
100 55 seconds
500 4 minutes, 45 seconds
1000 10 minutes
2500 25 minutes
5000 65 minutes


Note: These numbers do not represent a guarantee of performance. Your experience may vary depending on factors such as computer model, microprocessor speed, network conditions, hard disk space, disk fragmentation, installed memory (RAM), client load, total number of services running on the server, or other software used on the server.

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