How to include system files in Finder search results

When searching from the Finder, you can include search results from areas such as the System and Library folders.

This article has been archived and is no longer updated by Apple.

Begin by adding ”System files” as a search criteria:

  1. Press Command-F to open a search window in the Finder.
  2. From the Kind pop-up menu, choose Other.
  3. Select ”System files” in the sheet that appears.
  4. Click OK. 

You can now search for system files:

  1. Start a new search by typing a term in the search field of the Finder window.
  2. Choose ”System files” from the Kind pop-up menu, then choose ”are included” from the adjacent menu.
  3. Select search scope that includes an area with system files. For example, choose This Mac to search the entire computer, which includes the /System and /Library folders.

In the example below, the Helvetica LT font contained in the /System/Library/Fonts folder is found by including all system files in the search of This Mac.

Finder search window showing Helvetica in search results

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