About Apple World Travel Adapter Kit

Learn more about the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit, which can help power your Apple products in different countries.

The Apple World Travel Adapter Kit can help power your Apple products in different countries.. The travel adapters are designed to work with the following Apple products and power adapters:

  • iPod Power Adapter (with FireWire connector)
  • iPod USB Power Adapter
  • iPad USB Power Adapter
  • Portable power adapter with barrel connector for iBook or PowerBook
  • MagSafe power adapter for MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air
  • AirPort Express

Because the devices listed above have auto-sensing and auto-switching power supplies, all you need to do is attach the correct AC plug adapter to the device to have it work correctly in other supported countries.

Here's a list of the six AC plug adapters included with the kit, and the countries in which each adapter can be used.


Adapter Description Supported Countries*
Three prong blades Three-prong blades United Kingdom
Hong Kong
Republic of Ireland
Two angled blades Flat angled blades Australia
New Zealand
Two straight blades without holes Flat parallel blades without holes China
Two straight blades with holes Flat parallel blades with holes North America
Two thick prongs Round thick pins Korea
Two thin prongs Round thin pins Continental Europe
* Note: The countries and regions listed are some examples of supported locations for that adapter. Adapters may be used in additional countries.
Even though the country you are visiting may state its electrical power is within the supported range for the device you are using, be sure that the quality of the electrical power is up to specifications. Electrical spikes and brown-outs can damage electrical equipment.
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