About Apple Magic Trackpad and 27-inch LED Cinema Display Update for Windows

This update adds support for the Apple Magic Trackpad and 27-inch LED Cinema Display on Windows operating systems for use with Boot Camp.

Magic Trackpad

Follow these steps to download the necessary drivers. 

  1. Download the update for 32-bit Windows operating systems or 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  2. The files are contained in a .zip file. Double-click BootCamp_3.2_32-bit.exe for 32-bit Windows systems or BootCamp_3.2_64-bit.exe for 64-bit Windows systems.
  3. When a permissions dialog appears, click Yes.
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the update.

The Multi Touch Trackpad has different gesture support depending on the operating system you are using. Refer to this chart to learn about the differences.


Gesture Mac OS X Windows XP Windows 7 and Vista 32-bit Windows 7 and Vista 64-bit
One finger        
Tap to click
Drag lock
Secondary click (bottom-right corner)
Secondary click (bottom-left corner)
Two fingers        
Horizontal scroll n/a
Vertical scroll
Pinch open and close      
Screen zoom      
Secondary tap
Secondary click
Three fingers        
Three-finger drag      
Swipe to navigate      
Four fingers        
Swipe up or down      
Swipe left or right      


LED Cinema Display (27-inch)

Follow these steps to adjust the screen brightness or to turn off (or on) the Ambient Light Sensor in the LED Cinema Display.

  1. Click the Start or Windows icon, then select Control Panel.
  2. Click System and Security, then Boot Camp. 
    • As an alternative to these two steps, simply select the Boot Camp Control Panel, From the System Tray.
  3. If asked to allow a program to run, click Yes. 
  4. Select the Brightness tab, then use the slider to control the brightness.
  5. Enable the option "Automatically adjust brightness as ambient light changes" to turn on the Ambient Light Sensor.  Disable this option to turn ambient light sensing off.

Boot Camp Control Panel slider

This software update includes a new entry in the Sound Control Panel that allows you to select the speakers in the LED Cinema display as your audio output device.

To access the Sound Control Panel:

  1. Click Start.
  2. Choose Control Panel.
  3. Select Hardware and Sound, then click Sound. 
  4. To set up DisplayPort audio, select Digital Audio (DisplayPort) and click OK.

 Choosing the DisplayPort in Sound Control Panel in Windows

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