Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Aperture 3

Learn more about Aperture 3 with these frequently asked questions.

When was Aperture 3 released?

Aperture 3 was released on February 9, 2010.

Where can I purchase Aperture 3?

Aperture 3 is available from the Mac App Store.

What are the system requirements for Aperture 3?

View technical specifications and system requirements for detailed information.

What's new in Aperture 3?

View Aperture 3 new features for detailed information.

Which RAW formats and cameras are supported in Aperture 3?

View the RAW formats and specifications page for an up-to-date list of supported cameras and formats.

Is Aperture 3 available as a downloadable product?

You can purchase Aperture from the Mac App Store.

How many computers can I install Aperture 3 on?

You may download and use Aperture 3 for personal, non-commercial use on any Apple-branded products running Mac OS X (“Mac Computer”) that you own or control.

If you are a commercial enterprise or educational institution, you may download Aperture 3 for use by either (a) a single individual on each of the Mac Computer(s) used by that individual that you own or control or (b) multiple individuals on a single shared Mac Computer that you own or control. For example, a single employee may use Aperture 3 on both the employee’s desktop Mac Computer and laptop Mac Computer, or multiple students may serially use Aperture 3 on a single Mac Computer located at a resource center or library. For the sake of clarity, each Mac Computer used serially by multiple users requires a separate license.

Where can I find additional support information and resources for Aperture 3?

Visit the Aperture Support page for links to documentation, downloads, support articles, and other resources.

What technical support options are available for Aperture 3?

Visit the Aperture Resources page for detailed information.

How can I get support for iCloud-related issues?

Visit the iCloud Support page.

How can I get support for print and book orders?

Visit the print products support page for detailed information.

Where can I submit product feedback on Aperture 3?

You can submit suggestions to the Apple Product Feedback page.

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